Friday, February 7, 2020

Leadership in me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Leadership in me - Essay Example A good leader develops through a continuous process of education, self-studying, training, as well as experience. Leadership styles vary, and that is why it is necessary for a person to understand and know their leadership style, and how their specific leadership affects their workplace. Leadership is influenced by various factors, and that is why it is vital to know how as well as why your style of leadership is what it is. There are numerous contributors involved when dealing with development of leadership styles within a person. According to Myers Brigg (MBTI- Myers Briggs Type Indicator), my leadership style of which is ESFP (extraverted, sensing, feeling, perceiving) is considered to be that of a personality type of which is one of the 16 types of personalities. People who have ESFP type personalities are frequently described as outgoing, spontaneous, and resourceful (Lester, 1975). ESFP has its characteristics, and the MBTI has four main areas in which it looks at preferences of personality, namely :(1) introversion versus extroversion, (2) feeling versus thinking (3) intuition versus sensing, and lastly perception versus judgment. ESFPs have a tendency of being very resourceful and practical. They prefer hands-on learning experiences and tend to hate learning from books as well as discussions based on the theory. When problem solving, they put their trust in instincts and personal abilities to solve solutions. Although they are quite reasonable as well as pragmatic, they hate structure, planning, and order. Instead, they prefer to act spontaneously, and spend less time formulating plans or schedules. ESFPs as extraverts like spending time with people and have great interpersonal skills. They are great at understanding people’s feelings and know how to respond their emotions differently (University of Saskatchewan, 2014 p. 1-2). Therefore, we can say that, ESFPs make incredible leaders and know how to mobilize, persuade,

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